aeo certificate

Helmer is certified as an Authorised Economic Operator. But what does this mean exactly? The certificate is issued by the Customs. To be eligible for this certificate, you must meet certain requirements. First, the company must do a self-assessment; this means you get a checklist of requirements, which must be met. Also, they will look at any other certificates that have already been issued to the company. Of course they will also look into the history of the company. If all is well, then an experienced customs official will come to check and make sure everything is in order. Only then if all that is satisfactory, then can a company obtain the coveted AEO certificate.

Advantages of the AEO-certificate

What are the advantages for you if you choose to do business with an AEO certified company such as Helmer?

  1. Less checks (both physical checks as well as document checks)
  2. Priority during checks
  3. Possibility to request the location of the check

    What additional benefits do you have with Helmer thanks to having the Security and Customs Simplification Certificate?

  4. Checks are pre-specified

  5. Less detailed information required by declarations

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