Importers from Eastern Europe

Cross-docking or handlinghelmer logistiek centrum voor europa

As an importer, you know the way better than most in Europe. To cater for all your needs you buy from different customers in different countries. The Netherlands is centrally located and is logistically very important in Europe. For your Spanish suppliers it is easy to find a transporter who can return a load to Spain from the Netherlands. This will save significantly on logistics costs. Here at Helmer in Breda, we will gather all your orders together so you can leave with a full or half-empty truck back to Eastern Europe from the Netherlands.

Total Control

Every order prepared for you through our facility is recounted and checked. Thus, errors can be reported to you efficiently. This helps you to be more in control and have a clear oversight of your orders.

Would you like an independent inspection report?

Let us know and we will provide a detailed report so that you can be sure of the quality.

Temporary cooling for maximum quality preservation

Of course, your products do not all arrive at the same time. For soft fruit and salad, it is important that they are constantly cooled. To meet this critical need, Helmer has several transport cells where your perishable products can be temporarily extra cooled. In addition to the temperature, air humidity is also very important for the preservation of the weight of such goods. That is why we have such humidity control systems that keep the humidity at the ideal level for the longevity of your fruits and vegetables.

Look also at storage, order picking and output.

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