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For all your storage needs you are also at the right place, thanks to the good inventory system here at Helmer you can deliver your orders per pallet. This means certainty, especially important if you are trading from another continent with Europe.
Quality is obviously very important. We are your eyes on the ground. Through strict quality management, you can be sure that your customers get a quality product. Even if the quality of a batch starts to deteriorate, we will keep you informed. This means less waste and thus a higher return!

Cross docking

Transfer is ideal for many parties who are able to bundle orders to a full or half-empty truck. Helmer supports you by offering a transfer point for your products, so that multiple pallets can be bundled into a half or full load. This saves you money and time.
Breda as a strategic rendezvous point for East-Europe.
Thanks to its strategic location in the heart of the Benelux, Helmer is the ideal partner to gather your orders together. Breda is situated right in the center of the Benelux. Breda is also right in the middle of major ports such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen. So take advantage of our strategic location and save on your logistics costs.

Order picking

As an exporter of various products you also want to be able to sell mixed pallets. Your customers want to keep as little stock as possible, so therefore we can deliver daily fresh products to your customers from Breda.

Half a pallet or a mixed pallet?
Not a problem, Helmer will ensure that your orders are correct and ready on time.

Curious about our competitive prices?
Call us at + 31 (0) 76 530 20 20 or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.

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