Why choose Helmer as your logistics partner?

East-European importers

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Our East-European clients choose for us because Breda is an easy to reach location for all their suppliers. Also Spanish transporters are happy to deliver in Holland as they can much easier get a full load for the return home.


All pallets that go to another location via Helmer will be recounted. This allows time for mistakes to be reported and resolved. In this way we are your eyes and ears in the workplace.

From the moment the goods are unloaded and checked in Breda the purchaser owns the products. The main advantage is that the purchasing party can choose for themselves which carrier to use and can combine different orders up to 1 load.

More information for East–European importers


Exporters from outside of Europe

Through all the new communication technologies the world has got smaller. Even then it is still not possible to be in two places at once. Hence why a reliable logistics partner is so important. Consistent quality is for the most part the deciding factor for your success in Europe. 

Supermarkets requirements

European supermarkets are quite demanding. Directly doing business gives a supermarket several advantages

  • Tracing field to fork
  • Consistent quality
  • Better Purchase power

Also though, direct purchasing brings some challenges with it as well. Where previously the importer took responsibility for controlled storage and daily deliveries to supermarkets, that responsibility now lies with the exporting Party. Thanks to Helmer, you keep control of your stock in Europe.

More information for Exporters outside Europe


Need extra certainty regarding quality?

Then allow Helmer to prepare an independent inspection report. In this way you can be certain that your client receives a good quality product.

Choose for Helmer, the logistics partner who understands your business.
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