Order picking

Orders Collection is a task that must be done precisely. A smart and efficient warehouse facility is very important to ensure that your orders will be prepared as economically as possible. Thanks to a clever system and a logically designed layout we can prepare collection of your orders efficiently and flawlessly.

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Whether you have a large or a small product range, order picking begins in organization and structure. A logical layout makes for easy and error-free handling of your specific orders. Even if the orders become very specific, you can count on the expertise of Helmer. Thanks to our efficiency, you can save on your order processing costs.

Quality order picking

In the fresh fruit & vegetable industry, there are several good and bad well-known combinations. Our experienced staff know the DO's and especially the DONT 's. Consequently; careful attention is not only paid to well stacked pallets but also to the combination of products that are put on the same pallet. This ensures that your goods arrive in good order at your customers.


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